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APNC Telecom Services

APNC Telecom offers full range of telecommunication management (Both Technical and Non-Technical).

IBS (In-Building Services)

In-building services are easily implemented inside the buildings of hire rise building, corporate offices, apartments, shopping malls, hotels etc. among others. We put in our efforts to obtain signals from diverse sites. This sometimes makes subscriber’s mobile ping-pong. This also leads to higher rate of call-drops. In this case operators prefer to use a Micro BTS site instead implementing a Macro Site. Signals from a micro site BTS site are distributed through ca-axial lines as well as DAS (Distributed-Antenna-System). With this technique, we at APNC Telecom prefer to deliver top quality services with error-free network.

Site Survey Services

In site survey process, accuracy of data is extremely important. The reading should be recorded without any discrepancies. Its readings can be mapped on floor plans to prepare a layout that can be easily understood for executing a project.

IBS Designing

Our RF Survey Training Program is intended to make you expert in your domain. RF course covers the fundamental and advanced concepts.

  • Layout Preparation for individual floor of building to provide a full coverage plan to the customer
  • Preparing Pre- and Post Implementation
  • Design usage of Splitters, BT, Couplers
  • Layout and Trucking Diagrams along ERIP Data
IBS Implementation Process
  • Selecting type of materials for IBS
  • Handing over design to the implementation team with complete details
  • Ensuring feasibility of the prepared project
  • Verification of elements as per drawings/layouts
  • IF Route should be defined in BTS
BTS Installation
  • Readying GSM rooms as per the customer’s expectations
  • BTS installation as per the approved designing
  • BTS Grouting as the defined location
  • Ensuring efficient connectivity with DAS with BTS
Site Optimization
  • Checking of signal status on each floor of the building
  • Ensuring that all DAS is implemented as per the design requirements
Site Approval
  • Conducting pre-acceptance of site after finishing the work
  • Final assessment
  • Conduction of pre-acceptance testing after work main work completion with main customer/vendor
  • Troubleshooting any issue with the design owner
  • Ensuring proper coverage on every floor with RF testing equipments
  • Acquiring necessary approvals from building owners and authorities
  • Coordination among vendor, operator and customer
Documentation Services
  • Preparation of pre and post implementation design copy
  • Preparation of AT Paper (duly signed by the end customer)
  • VSWR reading of each connectivity on Radio Frequency Cables
  • Built-Operate-Maintenance of Implemented Design
  • Location of all vital elements in building
TI and RF Survey
LOS Verification

LOS verification is carried out by our expert engineers before installation between the sites.

TI & RF LOS Survey

Verification of LOS: Our Engineers prior to MW Installation also do Line Of Sight between these two sites and this.

The following are the specific topics that are used to ensure; here are some of the vital resources that are used for site approval;

  • GPS
  • Binoculars
  • Altimeter
  • Compass
  • Topographic maps
  • Digital Camera
Preparation of Reports:

All the obstruction which are observed in the path are recorded and applied in to the Software of PATHLOSS to get determine the height with reference to AMSC (Average Mean Sea Level) of MW antenna and Azimuth be installed to get the LOS cleared.

BTS, IBS and Tower Installations
  • Ericsson: 2202, 2206, 2104, 2964, 2309, 2204 and 2111 (900, 1800 MHz)
  • Motorola: Horizon H1 & H2 (900, 1800 MHz)
  • Siemens: (BS240, BS288 and BS241)
  • Nokia: Ultra, Micro, Outdoor, Metro and Flexi
  • Lucent-Mod-3: Mod-4, Mod-4 B and C-4400
  • Alcatel – A-9100 and A-9120